Nutrition Challenge Details

Our goal is to help you get to your goal (and stay there)!

We do this by meeting you where you are, teaching you what you need to know, keeping you accountable and, eventually, all of those wonderful things become habits.

Long term success, here we come. 

Our Challenge is individualized, meaning we make it work for YOU, but there are some things that everyone needs to know, so we provide group education sessions along with your individualized plan.

Think of the group session as class & the individualization as personal training.

Here's what the Challenge curriculum looks like:  

Week 1 - Macro and Micronutrient 101 

 Week 2 - Goal Setting / Mindset

 Week 3 - The Nutrition Pyramid / Lifestyle Considerations

 Week 4 - Building Habits & Behavior Change

Week 5 - Environments for Success

 Week 6 - Stress Management

 Week 7 - Nutrition Periodization 

 Week 8 - Moving Forward

We want to help you get to your goal. The first step towards that goal is getting started: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for our next Challenge