Why Us

Elite Fitness for Every Body

What is Barracks.fit?

It’s an incredibly effective way to get fit.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to be incredibly strong, develop great endurance or simply to look better naked, you’ll get it all with Barracks.fit. Barracks.fit also means community. We want you to feel like you’re a part of something bigger. Besides, exercise is a lot more fun when you are doing it with others.

Who should join Barracks.fit?

– You.

But seriously, who should is this for?

Anybody who is serious about improving their fitness. It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, new to exercise or somewhere in between. All that matters is that you value hard work & the results that come from it.

Our members range from 5 years old to 65+. Homemakers, desk jockeys, athletes, students, moms, dads, the fit, and the self-proclaimed un-athletic, make up our community of members.

People from all walks of life do CrossFit and more importantly, benefit from it. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro athlete or someone who hasn’t really done any exercise before, you’ll see benefits from CF.

We have people well into their 60s all the way down to teens at CFCB. Homemakers, desk jockeys, athletes, students, moms, dads, the fit and the self-proclaimed un-athletic make up our member base.

Starting a new fitness journey can be intimidating but I assure you, it’s not nearly as ‘scary’ as your mind is making it out to be.

What to expect

We offer an exiciting and challenging fitness environment. If it’s your first workout or you’ve been working out for years, you’ll fit right in.


  • 5000 sqft
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 18' ceilings
  • 400 steps to WildRose
  • 3.2 kms from downtown

The Rig

  • 64' long rig
  • 15 squat stations
  • 30+ pull-up bars
  • 8 climbing ropes
  • 15 sets of rings


  • 7000+ pounds of bumper plates
  • 40 barbells
  • 22 plyo boxes
  • 45 kettlebells
  • 11 rowers
  • 40 jump ropes
  • 40 medicine balls