Try It Out

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Common Barriers

We’ve heard all the common reasons people are intimidated to try a new fitness program.

It looks too difficult for me

True; it's hard and it's worth it. No matter your fitness level, we meet you where you are and guide you along the way to your goals. Fitness, for every body.

I’m too out of shape

No matter your existing fitness level, our extremely friendly and knowledgable coaches will work with you to make sure each workout is challenge and accessible.

I have to exercise before I can start

I think we can agree that it's easier to start on a journey with a map. Allow us to guide you, FROM THE START, to the best shape of your life.

I don’t know how to do the lifts

You will learn how to do lifts by example and repetitive coaching reinforcement. You don’t have to ask for help because we offer it. We focus on form and technique over the amount of weight you lift and our coaches will work with you, helping you every step of the way.

It’s too competitive

We care about 2 things, 1: keeping you safe & 2. that you get a little better each day. The competition is with yourself.

What the Trial gets you

Fill out the Getting Started form and we’ll contact you to set up your private intro workout.

This workout will give you a feel for what a workout is like and it will also act as a benchmark to measure your fitness improvements a few months down the road should you decide to join our community.

The Intro will take about 1hr. During this time we’ll learn about you and your goals, you’ll learn about our gym and you’ll also run through what’s next: Foundations.

Getting Started


What is Foundations

During Foundations you will learn all about CrossFit, meet great people and develop the strength, skills and conditioning needed to get the most out of regular class.

Foundations classes are held Tuesday, Thursday @ 7pm and Saturday @ 11am. If this doesn’t work for your schedule we can coordinate Personal Training Foundations to fit your schedule.