8-Week Nutrition Challenge - January 2023

The New Year is a fresh start and often comes with some extra motivation to dive head first into goals & plans for 2023.

But if we've learned anything in the past two years, it's that things don't often go to plan.

So how can we learn to take care of ourselves & work towards our fitness goals despite the chaos and all the ebbs & flows that life throws at us?

???????? Introducing the Barracks Nutrition 8-Week New Year Challenge ????????

Our group program is designed to help you get a kick-start on your fitness goals, and create a foundation of healthy habits to support you through whatever life throws at ya this year.

What's going down?

✅ Initial consultation to assess needs
✅ Customized 1-on-1 nutrition coaching tailored to your goals & lifestyle
✅ Daily tracking & bi-weekly check-ins inside our coaching app
✅ Unlimited messaging support between check-ins
✅ Educational content on topics including meal prep, workout nutrition & stress eating
✅ 3 group calls to go over content & connect
✅ 3 in-person meetings for physiograph measurements & accountability at weeks 0, 4 and 8
✅ Group chat for added accountability & sharing of recipes, progress etc.

After 8-weeks you'll leave the program:
???? With an understanding of nutrition and how it applies to your specific body, goals & lifestyle
???? With a healthier relationship with food and a foundation for long-term success with your nutrition
⭐️ With confidence and trust in your abilities to take care of your body throughout the ebbs & flows

The challenge starts January 31st - initial intake calls & assessments will start the week of January 24th.

CFCB Members: $294 for the 60 days

Sound like something you're into? Sign up at the gym or send Sara an email at sara@paradigmnutrition.net


Do I have to track macros?
Absolutely not! While tracking our food can provide some really great data for us to use in working towards goals, it's not at all necessary for progress. We've got both a macros-based and portions-based process of which we will determine which is best for you in our initial intake meeting.

What if I don't have weight loss goals?
This challenge is for anyone looking to improve their nutrition habits - whether your goals are performance-based, aesthetic based or you just want to prioritize your overall health and wellness. We'll set up your program based on your individual goals, needs, schedule and diet history.

How is this different from past challenges?
If you were in one of the first challenges using excel spreadsheets, we're now using a system called Seasons that keeps all our communication in one place - simple and effective to use! We'll also have a bit different content this time around, I'll be polling the group to see what topics ya'll are interested in covering. Group calls will be a bit less frequent and focused more on interaction and accountability. And lastly, we'll be doing meetings in weeks 4 and 8 beyond just the physiograph to allow for a bit more face-to-face time.

What happens after the 8-weeks?
If you want to continue coaching after the 8-weeks, you'll have the option to move to full 1:1 nutrition coaching (which includes weekly instead of bi-weekly check-ins), or do the alumni 1:1 option (bi-weekly check-ins). If you don't want to continue with coaching, our goal is to ensure you're feeling solid about your path moving forward, and our final meeting will be dedicated to coming up with a plan for you to carry out on your own.