Saturday Apr 23, 2022
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Like a Baby Turtle

Competition Class


Skills & Drills


A. 9min AMRAP
2 Wall Walks w/ 6 hip taps on each
2 Rope Walks
12/9 Cal Bike

B. 5 x 1 Soft Kick Ups to Wall (try to kick to free standing)
C. 5 x 1 Wall Pull-off (use hands to 'pull' yourself off wall in HS)
D. 3 x 1 Rope Climb (goal is to learn jump height and first pull height for 2 pull ascent)

E. 3 Rounds, each for time
2 x 10m HS Walk (scale to distance that takes less than 1min to complete)
3 Rope Climbs
15 kHSPU
*rest as needed between rounds

F. E3M12M
5 DB DBL Bench Press (as heavy as possible)
5 False Grip Strict Pull-ups

G. 8 x 10s sprint, 20s rest (reverse tabata)
easy spin during 'rest'
*skip if doing class



Back Squat
1x10 @ 60%
3x8 @ 70/75/80
Front Squat
4x5 @ 60/65/70/70

In Teams of 2:
3min AMRAP
Bike Calories
Rest 2min
3min AMRAP
Row Calories
Rest 2min
3min AMRAP
10m Shuttle Sprints