Tuesday Apr 26, 2022
  • Classes
    • 6am
    • 715am
    • 930am
    • 12m
    • 415pm
    • 530pm
    • 645pm

5min at a time

Competition Class


Skills & Drills

A. 9min AMRAP (warmup pace)
10 Pass Throughs
8 False Grip Ring Rows to sternum
5s top of ring dip hold, 5s bottom of ring dip hold
5 Ring Swings, 5 low ring transitions (no false grip, feet on floor)

B. 5 Rounds
1 - 3 Ring Muscle Ups
*use spotter as needed

C. 12min EMOM
min1: 3-6 Strict Chest to Ring Pull-ups (use false grip)
min2: 10s Top of Dip Hold, 10s descent, 10s bottom of dip hold
min3: 5 banded low ring transitions (no false grip)

D. E2M10M
7 Ring Push Ups (perfect hollow on toenails) + 5s support hold on rep 5
3 Strict Chin Ups w/ 3s hold + 5s lower (skip chin ups if doing class)

E. 3 Rounds
21.15.9 Bike Sprint
*rest 20s between sprints
*rest 90s between cluster sets




5min AMRAP
Run 800m
AMRAP Power Snatch w/ remaining time 115/75

Rest 5min

5min AMRAP
55/40 Machine Calories
AMRAP Clean & Jerk w/ remaining time 135/95

5min rest

5min AMRAP
Run 800m
AMRAP Deadlift w/ remaining time 225/155