Saturday Aug 06, 2016
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This is going to hurt

Competition Class


Ten Minute Capacity Test 2.0

“Ten Minute Capacity Test 2.0”
For Max Reps (or Calories):
4 minutes of Assault Bike (for Calories)
Rest 60 seconds
3 Minutes of Legless Rope Climbs
Rest 60 seconds
2 Minutes of Bodyweight Back Squat (From Rack)
Rest 60 seconds
1 Minute of STOH 135/95

20min to find:
1RM Clean & Jerk (power if you did full last week, full if you did power last week)

15min EMOM
min1: 5/3 Bar MU
min2: 30ft HS Walk AFAP
min3: 1 Rope Climb