Tuesday Sep 15, 2020
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Running & Resting

Competition Class


Skills and Drills


3 Rounds
5 Ring Swings
5 Low Ring Transitions
5 Kipping Ring Dips
*rest as needed bw rounds

4 Rounds
60% of best RMU set

Rest 2min between sets

3 Rounds
5 Strict False Grip Chest to Ring Pull-ups
5 Strict Ring Dips
Rest 90s between rounds

3 Rounds
10s support hold (top of ring dip)
10s catch hold (bottom of ring dip hold)
Rest 1min between rounds


5min Ski
Rest 1min
4min ]Ski
Rest 1min
3min Ski
Rest 1min
2min Ski
Rest 1min
1min Ski SPRINT!

*walk or easy bike or easy row for 5min after last sprint




On a 30min clock:
5 x 2min Rounds (followed by 1min rest)
Row 24/18 Calories
AMRAP Wall Balls w/ remaining time

SCORE = total Wall Balls

5 x 2min Rounds (followed by 1min rest)
Run 200m
AMRAP Devil's Press 50s/35s w/ remaining time

SCORE = total Devil's Press