Sunday Dec 06, 2020
  • Classes
    • 930am
    • 11am


MONDAY: Cluster.  THe Hardest Workout in the World, a tribute. Mid length Burpees & Thrusters.
TUESDAY: Squat endurance. Long strict metcon pull-up, strict press, double unders
WEDNESDAY: Power clean & jerk. Open retest 13.4 CJs & T2B.
THURSDAY: Gymnastics EMOM. Long amrap, BMU, HSPU, KBS
FRIDAY:  Long metcon. Big sets of squats & burpee box jumps
SATURDAY: Long emom w/ rest. DUs, KBS, Push Press, Sit-ups,
SUNDAY: Gymnastics skill / endurance. 5 rounds pull-ups, KB Lunges, Push-ups