Tuesday Aug 09, 2016
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COMP Program Revamped

Competition Class


Time to Level Up

5 Back Squats @ 80% 1RM

For time:
10-1 Clean & Jerk
1-10 Burpees
Rx = 95/65, Rx+ = 115/75


Skills & Drills:

Muscle Up Fun
5 Rounds
L1: 3 Negative MU
L2: 3 Strict tempo RD 2/2/2/2 + negative MU
L3: 2 Strict MU + 3 Strict Tempo RD 2/2/2/2 + 2 Transitions + 1 Negative MU

10min EMOM
1 Tall Snatch

Each Monday (in this case, Tuesday) I will be posting some extra conditioning/strength/skill work. If you feel like you're lacking in any of these areas, you can add it in. No obligation of course

Extra Conditioning:
35/25 Cal Row

Extra Upper Body Strength:
3 Rounds
5 - 1/2 kneeling KB Press (ea)
3 Chin-ups (HAP)

Extra Lower Body Strength:
6 Alt Front Rack Step ups 24/20

Coaches Notes

Hey Team,

You better grab a cup of coffee and clear your schedule for the next 2-7 minutes. It's a long one.

In an effort to continue winning all the things, we’re going to be making some changes to the COMPETITION programming. Starting this week, the COMP programming will involve regular class and some additional strength/skill/conditioning work.

Our goal is 2-fold: 1. Help you reach your goals faster & B. Make the comp program more accessible

The changes will allow the existing competitors to continue on the path to fitness supremacy, but with more flexibility. The changes will also allow others to jump into the programming at their level and without having to commit to 2+hr training sessions. Seems like a win-win.

The skill work (for Mus, HSPUs, Pull-ups) will be broken down into levels:
• L1 – basic progressions
• L2 – mid-level progressions
• L3 – advanced progressions

There will also be RX & RX+ loads prescribed for most workouts. I will do my best to provide a goal rep/time range so you can choose the appropriate load.

There will be a coached SKILL WOD class @ 7pm Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. The class has a hard cap of 10ppl. We will also have 2 coaches on for regular class @ 6pm Mon, Tues & Wed.

So, let’s say you like to workout @ 5pm. You can do the class & hit some of the skill progressions either before or after. Please be respectful of everyone else by keeping the noise down. If you’re doing extra lifting, please do it in the side room.

We will be posting some consistent OPEN GYM times during the week which can be used for the additional skill work as well.

This extra work should be done inside existing class times (if you’re doing the 8pm class, show up before and do the skill work instead of staying after. This applies to the noon and morning classes as well).

On the WOD posting you will also notice that there will be extra work for strength, OLY & conditioning that will be posted on Monday. You can fit this extra work in to the week if you feel like you need it.

The COMP programming template will work on a rotating 3-week schedule with a deload week to follow. You will see MU work Monday, HSPU work Wednesday, C2B work Friday. The skill work will be broken down into a 3 week cycle as well. Week 4 = testing. Science.

That’s it for now Team. As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated.

– Eric Barber