Sustainability--your forever nutrition plan

Remember starting that new diet. You woke up Monday morning or maybe it was the beginning of the month or once the kids returned to school and you vowed to change everything. 

You threw out the sugar, ditched the wine and you ‘cleaned’ things up. 

You said you’d do this and make this change and all would be better. You said once you were able to get through this and lose the weight or trim down the fat, you’d be able to have fun again in your diet or have a few drinks for the summer. 

Then, as life goes, some unexpected event came up and threw your diet upside down once again. What was once a great plan for changing up your life resulted in you having to start over once more while still not having ditched the weight or achieved your goal.  

If only your life was more simple. 

The reality is that we should be creating an eating plan to fit your lifestyle and not the other way around because the reality is that there will ALWAYS be something in your life throwing your ideal nutrition plan off course. 

It’s very similar to getting in your car and going on a road trip. Maybe you planed for sunny skies and great conditions. Upon getting in the car though, you noticed a thunderstorm coming with high winds and rain. Do you return home and wait for the perfect conditions? 

No, probably not anyways. You get in the car and adjust your plan to the conditions around you. 

It’s the exact same with your eating. 

When it comes to your eating plan, us, as coaches, look at your goals in combination with your lifestyle and create an eating plan that works for you. Once we know the goal (where you want to drive), while understanding the conditions of your life (the conditions of the drive), we create a plan to orient you towards that destination in the easiest way possible. 

Once you get there, it doesn’t mean that we go back to the old way of eating either. Our goal is to create an eating solution for you that you can follow on your worst of days. 

It might not mean tracking everything completely or being 100 per cent dialled in all the time, but it will be a more sustainable approach than completely reverting back to binge eating Doritos on the couch and just hoping life would be ‘normal.’

Because at the end of the day normal isn’t coming. Normal is what you decide it is and how you decide to fit your lifestyle and eating practices into it. 

Anyone can lose weight or gain muscle or simply achieve their short term goals, but how can you sustain it forever? How can you make it last and use what you learned in the process to continue doing the things that make you successful in the future?

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