Nutrition Coaching is for everyone

It’s easy to look at nutrition coaching and think, hey, I eat well pretty regularly so I don’t think I really need that help.

You may be right. But, just some food for thought, we work with all types of people ranging from knowing everything about nutrition to absolutely nothing.

1. The complete beginner

This one is probably the most obvious when it comes to why you want help with your nutrition. You have goals like increasing muscle, losing fat or just want to feel healthy again but don’t have a clue where to start.

This could be you if you’ve tried diets you’ve heard of like the ketogenic diet, paleo, whole 30, or other cleanses in hopes of finding the results you’ve dreamed of but never received the education behind it in ways that you had wanted.

This might be you if you struggle to know what the difference is between a carbohydrate, protein and fat and why we need each of them to survive and thrive each day.

If it is, don’t fret, we’ve all been there and I’ve personally been there. The first step to knowing something is admitting that you don’t already know it.

2. Those looking to gain weight

This one might seem a little bit more rare but it definitely exists nonetheless.

It might be an athlete who’s looking to put on muscle or someone who’s always been on the lower end of the scale for their activity level and body size and just needs some help getting over the hill on achieving the results they’ve been looking for.

With these clients, we work first on eating the right macronutrient breakdown while also increasing the amount of food they’re eating on a daily basis. What we often find is people who are looking to gain muscle aren’t eating the right types of food or enough of them to achieve the goals they’ve set out on.

Additionally, we help educate you on what the right types of supplements may be towards getting the results you want, after your food is under control.

3. Fat loss

At some point or another, we’ve all probably tried to lose a little bit of weight. Even if it was just after the holidays when you gorged each meal like there was a plague around the next weekend, we’ve probably all fluctuated in weight at some point in our lives.

These types of people might be someone trying to lose 5 pounds or might be someone trying to lose 50 or more. The reality is that the plan required to get there is relatively the same—we need to be eating less calories a day than we are burning to create fat loss.

While there may be other factors that influence this such as sleep, hormones and activity level, this is where we start with clients who have this goal. From there, we check each week on the things that could be accelerating or slowing fat loss overall to help break plateaus for clients and keep the scale moving in the right direction.

4. Athletes

It’s easy to think when you’re at the top level of performance that you don’t need help with your nutrition because, hey, you probably are already doing something that has got you to this point.

Great, we probably won’t change things dramatically either. But, with those looking to get that extra 1% of their performance, it’s always informative to have a coach looking into what you’re doing to make sure that you’re not only getting enough fuel for your workouts but are getting the right types of fuel for it as well.

After all, you don’t buy a Ferrari only to drive it to the gas station and put in regular fuel. A premium engine requires premium fuel and we work with our athletes to ensure they’re eating the right things for their digestive system so that they aren’t hitting walls in their training, they’re smashing through them.