Nutrition Challenge: The Right Way

It’s September which means a lot of things to a lot of different people, this September more than ever. 

You likely woke up this morning and had to take your kids to school—if you have kids that is—and if not, you probably saw the yellow buses around the city on your way into work. It also means returning to routine after three or more months of living the quarantine life. 

But it also means everyone is running a challenge at their gym and starting some sort of new you fitness trend.

We get it. Honestly, we hate traditional challenges.

For starters, they’re generally ridiculously restrictive. They promote the idea of eliminating all of your favourite foods for a period of time in order to get results. By the time the challenge is over, it’s back to wherever you were before doing whatever you did before.

If you are able to follow it for the duration of the challenge, it’s only days after that you fall off the edge into a binge eat of your favourite dessert only to start this whole process over again, on you guessed it…. Monday.

The other reason is that they’re also not individual based in the slightest. They’re templated to help make it easier to deliver to everyone but not necessarily deliver the best results for everyone and if I've learned one thing from the last six months, it's that everyone has different lives regardless of the fact that quarantine changed everything for everyone. 

Sure a one size fits all t-shirt fits some people acceptably but it really just leaves everyone giving a collective, “meh” after all their hard work.

The other point is that many start off with some ludicrous cleanse or detox to rid you of all the toxins blah, blah, blah--no you don't need a seven-day detox from your quarantine lifestyle to be successful. 

We aren’t about any of that garbage. In fact, it’s one of the things that keeps us up at night working to right the ship.

For starters, we design your program around YOU with the foods you already LIKE AND ENJOY.

We’re not about cutting out ice cream or making you eat free range eggs just because you saw it on Dr. Oz. If you like eating ice cream, cracking a beer occasionally or enjoying whatever it is that makes you smile, go nuts. We just educate you on how to do that and still chase the goals you want to achieve when you spend countless hours a year inside the walls of the gym.

Customization is what we’re about.

Every single person that works with us is different and that’s why every single person gets a different plan. That means creating more flexibility on certain days and knowing how to tighten things up a little bit more when the time comes.

We also focus strictly on educating you along the way and no not in that verbal diarrhea kind of way where we talk about gluconeogenesis in order to flex our knowledge on you. Our goal is to give you the tools and education required to sift through the bullshit in the nutrition industry and make the decisions you need to chase your goals and live a happy and healthy life.

Maintaining your goal is what we’re after. Our goal is for you to take back 2020, get in control with your nutrition, mindset and training so that you can finish off the year with confidence going into 2021 to make it even better.

Short term goals yield short-term results and no, we promise not to make you take crystal meth, eat only cabbage soup for days and snort cayenne pepper.

It wouldn’t work anyways.

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