Meet Jen

Jen is up at the crack of dawn to get the day started and get her three kids ready for the day.

She hops on the treadmill or goes for a run if it’s nice out but simply doesn’t have time for breakfast.

After she finishes the run, she mixes up a veggie smoothie with some berries and almond milk, sipping on it as she wakes up her kids and makes them breakfast.

By 9, they’re all out the door and she’s at work diving into the day’s projects. At noon, she takes a brief break for lunch, having a spinach salad with an apple and socializing with friends.

Back at work, she has a banana and a yogurt at her desk while finishing up the day’s work projects and returns home to get ready for dinner by 5. After picking up the kids, she’s prepping dinner, consisting of meat, vegetables and some sweet potato.

She makes the plates up, but has only a small portion of the sweet potato, thinking she wants to cut back on the carbs, but loads up on green beans for dinner.

Once the kids are off to bed, she has a glass of wine with her partner, relaxing before calling it a day.

By Friday, she’s mentally and physically exhausted, but she’s got plans with friends to go out for appy’s and drinks. After a bottle or two of shared wine and a charcuterie board shared with the girls, she feels awful on Saturday morning.

Back on the treadmill she goes and even gets in a workout with some weights at the gym.

She knows she has to “get back on track,” after jumping on the scale on Sunday morning and seeing it up 2 pounds.

This goes on for a couple weeks before noticing that she’s just not losing the weight she wanted.

She hires a nutrition coach and is shocked at the first thing she’s told--something against all the conventional magazines have ever told her---she needs to eat more.

At first she fights it but then she succumbs to understanding that she just can’t do it anymore, so she follows the recommendations and eats more, specifically adding a serving of protein for lunch and for dinner.

At first, it seems hard but after a week, she’s eating an entire extra meal and her weight is still the same. After three weeks, she’s actually down a pound but is eating more food, feels more energized and has far less cravings.

It takes some time, but after trusting the process, she has lost the 10 pounds she was looking for in four months and has nearly doubled the amount of food she’s eating on a daily basis.

She’s added more muscle to her frame and when she goes out with friends for dinner, she’s not concerned that it could impair her results. She simply tracks her wine quickly and moves on to getting back to her regular life the next day.

Jen knows how to maintain her results forever and is constantly surprised by the foods she can eat on a daily basis.

Be like Jen.